Customer services

Archeological excavation

  1. Archaeological excavations
  2. Field data collection – Photographic dokumentation
  3. Field data collection – Photogrammetry
  4. Field data collection – Measuring


  1. Postprocessing – 3D photo modelling
  2. Postprocessing – Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
  3. Photogram Evaluation
  4. Measured Data Evaluation

Proffesional Counselling

  • in case of planned construction works in known archaeological localities
  • in case the breach of archaeological places or layers of archaeological finds occurs during construction works
  • for protection and promotion of cultural heritage
  • for elaboration of suitable methodical procedures when executing archaeological surveys and researches

Services for municipalities

  • we process input data for permissions on construction location with focus on cultural monuments and archaeological sites
  • we process input data for creation of web sites with focus on cultural and natural heritage
  • we offer digital processing of presentation thematic maps (suitable for interactive display on internet)

Lectures, trainings, excursions, trips

  • we organize and provide lectures and educational seminars in the field of archaeology and history (we offer considerable discounts for pedagogic institutions)
  • we organize and provide professional excursions and trips oriented to learning about well-known and less-known historical and archaeological monuments in Slovakia and the Czech Republic


  •  we provide preparation of presentation publications of municipalities
  • on request we process local history with focus on promotion and presentation of archaeological sites