conpra logoCONPRA project, with its Consortium composition and program, tries to answer some major challenges in the development driven archaeology. With its particular focus on economic and technological circumstances in ‘emerging’ markets, the major issue is increasing the capacities of SMEs in facing new and changing conditions in their respective countries, and in reinforcing the capacity of academia towards more competitive role in heritage industry. CONPRA will join 4 partners – 2 universities and 2 SMEs (Small and medium enterprises) – from 4 different countries (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Serbia). All 4 partners could be considered as leading institutions in their fields of expertise in their countries. All partners intend to employ secondees on their regular projects providing so the major field for gaining new knowledge and skills, as well as to exchange experienced researchers aiding the partner institutions on the spot. Each Work Package will produce a manual that will contain knowledge, experience, proved methodologies and techniques of specific fields of archaeology. The project and its outputs will positively influence the quality of research of all participating partners, especially their potential and capacities for applicative research tasks and projects.